Working for us

Our values

‘The way we do things around here’

Our values and behaviours, (or competencies if you want to be fancy) are incredibly important to us not only because our people came up with them, but because we truly live and breathe these.
As pretty as they are, we don’t just put them on the wall and forget about them, we use these every day to guide us and ensure that we put people and pets at the heart of everything we do.

Sound interesting? Let us tell you more ….

We are guessing that you may be looking at this website as you might be interested in working or volunteering with us? Well if you are, then you should probably know that we use these in our recruitment process too.
We really want to make sure that you understand who we are, what we hold dear and how our Blue Cross family work together, so we structure interview questions around these. Of course there are other more job specific questions too but we wouldn’t want to give it all away!
In addition, we also use them to measure performance and in designing our learning and development content. So they are kind of important.